Current Projects

A brief summary of Six Capitals' active projects

Secretariat support services to the
Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA)

Six Capitals Co-founder & CEO, Adrian Bertrand, currently consults part-time to ASISA, which in turn has taken responsibility for serving as the Secretariat to CRISA.

CRISA, launched in 2011, is a voluntary investor stewardship code that provides guidance to institutional investors on how to conduct investment analysis and activities and exercise their rights to promote good governance. In this consulting role to CRISA, Adrian is helping to develop and implement a new CRISA strategy and a number of CRISA-driven projects. The revised CRISA operational strategy and projects have the objective to improve accountability and trust and to ensure that CRISA remains relevant both locally and internationally.

Adrian is currently also responsible for the CRISA disclosure research project which seeks to assess the prevalence and quality of CRISA disclosure by South African institutional investors and their service providers as per the recommended CRISA disclosure requirements.

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